Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 9

Nani is my kitty, btw. Figured I'd toss that out there for the title to make sense =)

The sound of elephants romping along,
Its echo potent on the hard wood floor,
Each step a feroce beat in half-voiced song,
A melody hid in staccato throng,
Her paws strike 'long and strong like drums of war.

A poignant pause from the cacophony,
As all at once the rumbling foot-steps cease,
The silence rolls on--then a howling plea,
The yowl evokes the heart of a banshee,
Before again resumes the quiet-the peace.

Her mood pitches much like the roiling sea,
At times so still and sweet--but then a keen.
I'm drawn around the corner to go see,
And there she sits as fine as royalty,
Her low meow as regal as a queen.

She's perched before a portal to the night,
Her eyes stare out with their internal shine,
A silent foe within her hunter sight,
The enemy will fall without a fight,
The door withheld! She leaves no sign.

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  1. lol.
    Adorable. Love poems about kitty cats. XD