Thursday, April 23, 2009

Week 16

Catch-up week. =)

Fluidity of Motion
-a tale of competition

Mine own heart be wise to 'ware this
Invocation my body speaks now. Its intentions
Nigh but leave hooks upon my soul as crabgrass
Infests the soft sinew of life upon the yard.
More the fool am I to think I can triumph,
And yet, the fluidity I am born shall rise as a
Lion amongst sheep, a strength amongst weakness.
Internal monologue aside, my muscles flare as fireworks
Spark upon dry reeds and the clay home for my soul fixates
Toward the goal, and the promise of wine and merriment beyond.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 15


To view a flower such as thee,
to garden home I'd stretch my feet.
I'd sit among the plants all day
and contemplate their windblown sway,
their soft green limbs that climb the sky,
and vibrant petals please the eye.
What use they serve I cannot know,
for waste of space is all that shows,
and while those small lives may still thrive,
for you that path is but demise.
The rose may grow within this world,
as fruitless life becomes unfurled,
but you who naught but see thy self,
in stylish dress and hoards of pelf,
can grow no more than mere seedling,
and be naught but the life you cling.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Week 14

Caught in a Moment

As night the lights give naught but silent shade
and tightness within gives way to new calm.
My hand held out awaiting her feather
touch, and peace stretches long in timelessness.

Glow at last illuminates the dark stage
and brings to light the radiance of...her.
She stands so still, as ice at circle's edge,
but contrast to that, beauty's wings unfold.

I may be stark and black in tux and tie,
but her! She floats within a sea of blue
silk, veins of gold, and ruby stitch. Each gem
sparks as dew on gossamer thread at dawn.

The fine hum of a viol fills the air
and the butterfly takes glorious flight!
Watch her flutter and float, the stage is hers,
she glides as time unfolds to my embrace.

If one were but to view her smiling face,
they'd think dance was ecstasy embodied,
but from seats below one sees performer's
grace, effortless on grandiose display.

A tinckling chime as water's trickle sounds,
and her fluttering by suspends, timeless.
Her long wings presented in flying arc,
perched upon me her leaf, the darkness falls.

And sound of breaking waves surrounds eternal.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Week 13

I think I'm a week behind...ah well, I'll catch it up.

So Wrong, So Right

As scorching sun sets, soft moonlight takes hold
of me, its cool radiance casts shadows
upon my face and the door preceding
takes upon an overwhelming image.

My tie is straight and strong, my coat is strong
and straight-- my heritage presented, proud;
I boldly rap my fist upon the gate
ahead, and await upon the butler's grace.

A slight thrill of shock consumes as eyes wide
I view the profile of Lady Sandra.
Where is the butler? Why would she greet me?
This speaks ill for the night and meal to come.

I wave away my coach and enter, slow
strides across the uncomfortably bare
hall and bow above the Lord's open hand
and join the two to converse and to dine.

Where I expected sparkling jewels, trophies,
and artifacts, instead I find blank space
upon the walls and simple fare instead
of feasts. And yet I am drawn to partake.

We speak in light, my Lady sat beside
a glow within her eyes. Her joy is bright
illumination within these dark walls.
I remain at odds; Is she a pauper?

This dilemma rolls through my mind, jumbling
stores of ill thoughts and abundant queries
lose from the rafters. What would my mother
say when I told her? The respect she'd lose.

I glance again to my courted Lady
And see her joy undiminished. Un-phased
she sips her tea and nibbles her fare,
as I wonder what her beauty is worth.

My spoon dives deep into the simple soup
of country herbs and thin, light, meat--rabbit?
But what is this odd taste? Flavor mismatched
to set in which we act our sordid scene.

Expecting simple fare, as it is seen,
instead I taste a shocking share of suc-
culent sauce and much to my mind's great shock,
I find my meal to be richer than seen.

The joy aside my seat shifts and then I know
the truth in that instant. She is indeed
worth the time, worth the drop, for she may be
plain in substance, but so rich in flavor.

My mother may speak ill of me, my pa
may scorn as well, but in the end I've seen
the light. She is wrong to look down at me,
as she will see, when I pledge life to love.

In end the evening halts with no great scene,
and I'm walked kindly to the door. I find
the night a soft comfort again, and I know
That I'll return, as starlight guides me home.