Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 8

Warning: Mature Message
Back And Forth

Torn between one lust and more,
Saw myself in your dark door,
Fiery passion in the night,
Love with you is one long fight.

Oh baby sweet I see your eyes,
I know the truth behind your lies,
You act so dark--mysterious,
But your big heart, it beats for us.

Heart, what heart? What is this bull?
In my loins I feel the pull,
What you see behind my eyes?
Thirst, that's what, so feel me rise.

My friends, they say I can't trust you,
And tell me oft' to say we're through,
They preach of how you act the fool,
And how you think with just your tool.

Truth! I swear that looks enthrall,
Chest and leg and lips and all,
Depth in me? You search in vain,
Prize, conquest! I say it plain.

Not true, I say, you know it's not,
These things you say with no true thought,
Your little rose you called me once,
Where are the words of eloquence?

Gone they are, my little tush,
Lord! I strive for just your bush,
Blind your eyes to my poet past,
Now I speak with just my mast!

These jokes you give, oh so bawdy,
They cannot hurt for I still see
You how you were those years ago,
And that's the man that I still know.

False answers are what I give,
Delve no more! As I do live,
Can't you see I need this life?
Need this pain? Need all this strife?

For that, my love, with you I stay,
And for your peace, still I will pray,
I see a change, your memory?
I see us twined eternally.

Convinced me, Love, 'least for now,
Change me, please, for I do vow,
You are all I live to see,
Power of love, set me free.

And so two hearts shall beat again as one,
Despite the wounds they each have caused. Begun
To feel the pain as their due course, Her love
Has last awarded him the needed shove.

The Darkness dwells within us all, but let
It die, it hurts you both. So learn to set
Aside your pain and find true joy in all
You have. Spread wide your eyes, avoid the fall.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 7

Random challenge piece that I could not see myself seriously I wrote it with humor instead.

How Dare They Take Our Fun?
A tale of youth lost.

The time has come my friends for us to show
The world again that we are what they wish
To be! To stand against a common foe,
And feed their worthless hides right to the fish!

They've stepped too far, they've said too much,
Their words are lies, their vulgar deeds disgust,
With me you know you'll find your needs, and such
Fine fiends will to the fires of fondue be forced.

With me you get what they forbid, Pixi sticks
And Muskateers, some Milky way and Mike
'n Ike shall come your way. We dare to mix
Our drinks, our bowls of punch we dare to spike!

Indeed you now 'gain hear the truth! They ban
sugar, liquor, and fun! Silenced ditties
And halted dance, they use their big red crayon
To strike away our earned felicity!

The government has 'slaved us all! Their lies
Are far too much to bear. We must, it seems,
Stretch forth our grasping hands to reach new skies,
And in the end forgo our loss of dreams.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 6

Rushin' along...

Walk of Shame

My shoes click loud across the misty night,
As sunlight starts to peek over the hills,
The streetlights wink and twink out of my sight,
The morning mist cuts through my clothes and chills.

The walk of shame the world has come to know,
The strut has left my sorry step. Why now
Do I shamble along? Where is my glow?
Next year will be a different tale, I vow.

Oh what went wrong in this dark night? It was
So bright, the mood so right. Why do the stars
Twinkle out of my sight? It's gone, my buzz,
The Valentine's love song fade 'yond the bars.

The length of roses fall from my grasping hands,
Their petals crunch softly on the asphalt,
My steps click on across the shrouded land,
As heart of mine I stash into a vault.


I posted this at a poetry site that I frequent and got this response that I loved so much that I didn't want to lose it.
Polonius: A very evocative verse, [Kai], where you dwell on the sense of failure, the humiliation of rejection, as the factor that makes love lost painful, as opposed to the loss of joy or its promise. The shame is more encroaching, a harsher reflection than the loss of someone we thought we could expect to love us. At the same time, you add to the dark mood with a self-deprecating humour.

Week 5

...ish. Okay, I'm really late, but when the muse leaves, the muse leaves. Maybe I'll toss out a few early ones and make up the weeks, heh. Anyway, this is called a Minute Poem which is a rhyming piece of iambic pentameter that has 12 lines of 60 syllables in the format of 3 stanzas of 4 lines and 8-4-4-4 syllables. My rhyming is flip-flopped, but it felt right, and that's really the most important part.

The Darkened Haze

Tis true I've seen some better days,
Some brighter nights,
Through no dark haze;
Where are those lights?

The lights have dimmed, the days hold fog,
Not thin white mist,
The type that clogs,
The dark persists.

Yet far away through hazed distance,
A golden ray,
Oh how it once,
Lighted my day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 4

A little late but I wrote this last week. I don't really like it as much as I COULD like it, however, so I spent the past few days trying to refine it but it's not working. It's too bad, too, because I love the image of Autumn Leaves...

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves dance slowly to the ground,
And look! Another takes his long dive down!
This tumbling piece of life seen from a glance,
A memory--so weak from time long passed.
He viewed the world through rain'd and sunny days,
From tiny green sprout just starting to sway,
To strong and vibrant veins and vigorous curves,
Yet now his days are gone, but still he twirls.
He may forget the day of fog and mist,
The moist air spread across the land like myth,
The day the boys all played amoung his boughs,
Among his limbs they built a sturdy house.
Still yet his dreams of memories will flow,
And Watch him fall, the dreams yet still allowed,
Enough to give him joy and let him fly,
His one last dance before his life last fades.