Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 6

Rushin' along...

Walk of Shame

My shoes click loud across the misty night,
As sunlight starts to peek over the hills,
The streetlights wink and twink out of my sight,
The morning mist cuts through my clothes and chills.

The walk of shame the world has come to know,
The strut has left my sorry step. Why now
Do I shamble along? Where is my glow?
Next year will be a different tale, I vow.

Oh what went wrong in this dark night? It was
So bright, the mood so right. Why do the stars
Twinkle out of my sight? It's gone, my buzz,
The Valentine's love song fade 'yond the bars.

The length of roses fall from my grasping hands,
Their petals crunch softly on the asphalt,
My steps click on across the shrouded land,
As heart of mine I stash into a vault.


I posted this at a poetry site that I frequent and got this response that I loved so much that I didn't want to lose it.
Polonius: A very evocative verse, [Kai], where you dwell on the sense of failure, the humiliation of rejection, as the factor that makes love lost painful, as opposed to the loss of joy or its promise. The shame is more encroaching, a harsher reflection than the loss of someone we thought we could expect to love us. At the same time, you add to the dark mood with a self-deprecating humour.

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