Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 7

Random challenge piece that I could not see myself seriously I wrote it with humor instead.

How Dare They Take Our Fun?
A tale of youth lost.

The time has come my friends for us to show
The world again that we are what they wish
To be! To stand against a common foe,
And feed their worthless hides right to the fish!

They've stepped too far, they've said too much,
Their words are lies, their vulgar deeds disgust,
With me you know you'll find your needs, and such
Fine fiends will to the fires of fondue be forced.

With me you get what they forbid, Pixi sticks
And Muskateers, some Milky way and Mike
'n Ike shall come your way. We dare to mix
Our drinks, our bowls of punch we dare to spike!

Indeed you now 'gain hear the truth! They ban
sugar, liquor, and fun! Silenced ditties
And halted dance, they use their big red crayon
To strike away our earned felicity!

The government has 'slaved us all! Their lies
Are far too much to bear. We must, it seems,
Stretch forth our grasping hands to reach new skies,
And in the end forgo our loss of dreams.


  1. yeah, it sounds like a serious piece from the title, but it does seem to be more fun. By 'mixing drinks' i immediately thought of putting diff flavors of soda in my cup at the soda fountain thing, but then i read about spiking the punch and figured you might be talking about liquor. xD

  2. Bah it deleted my response.

    That was the point of those two lines! They were meant to invoke images of children running up to the soda machines to make "suicide" drinks then contrast it with teenagers at prom spiking the punch bowl. I'm glad it worked ^_^

    The funny thing is that when I posted this in response to the challenge, those who commented seemed to take it as a serious piece that argues against real problems instead of the complete joke that it was meant to be. One person even commented that they had to look at the third stanza through the Terry Pratchett filter for it to make sense, yet they still thought I was serious. Maybe they automatically think that all poets are smart, but I was just trying to be a smart-ass....