Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week 8

Warning: Mature Message
Back And Forth

Torn between one lust and more,
Saw myself in your dark door,
Fiery passion in the night,
Love with you is one long fight.

Oh baby sweet I see your eyes,
I know the truth behind your lies,
You act so dark--mysterious,
But your big heart, it beats for us.

Heart, what heart? What is this bull?
In my loins I feel the pull,
What you see behind my eyes?
Thirst, that's what, so feel me rise.

My friends, they say I can't trust you,
And tell me oft' to say we're through,
They preach of how you act the fool,
And how you think with just your tool.

Truth! I swear that looks enthrall,
Chest and leg and lips and all,
Depth in me? You search in vain,
Prize, conquest! I say it plain.

Not true, I say, you know it's not,
These things you say with no true thought,
Your little rose you called me once,
Where are the words of eloquence?

Gone they are, my little tush,
Lord! I strive for just your bush,
Blind your eyes to my poet past,
Now I speak with just my mast!

These jokes you give, oh so bawdy,
They cannot hurt for I still see
You how you were those years ago,
And that's the man that I still know.

False answers are what I give,
Delve no more! As I do live,
Can't you see I need this life?
Need this pain? Need all this strife?

For that, my love, with you I stay,
And for your peace, still I will pray,
I see a change, your memory?
I see us twined eternally.

Convinced me, Love, 'least for now,
Change me, please, for I do vow,
You are all I live to see,
Power of love, set me free.

And so two hearts shall beat again as one,
Despite the wounds they each have caused. Begun
To feel the pain as their due course, Her love
Has last awarded him the needed shove.

The Darkness dwells within us all, but let
It die, it hurts you both. So learn to set
Aside your pain and find true joy in all
You have. Spread wide your eyes, avoid the fall.

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  1. lol.
    I like the voice you wrote it with. :-)