Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11

Muse From Spirit's Sheets (Acrostic/Vilanelle)

Talent wanders in and finds her time,
How sweet the sound of the muse's beats,
Enjoy it all, the rhyme on rhyme.

Pour your heart out, the time is prime,
Our grasping minds await your treats,
Ecstatic muse! Wander in, it is your time!

Threads of meter, as silent harps they chime,
Silent passion engulfs our mind's long streets,
And all rejoice in the rhyme on rhyme.

Nocturnal passion! From dreams they climb,
Called upon the muse from spirit's sheets,
Talent wanders in and finds her time.

Unheard dreams stretch forth in sound sublime,
Acrostics across the board lure us from seats,
Reflected dreams wander in--it is her time,
Yearning for the beautiful rhyme on rhyme.

The Rise A Series of Haiku upon the life of a tree.

Softly plink a' plink
Mist rises off mother's womb
Life nurtured in peace

Belov├ęd son rests
Warm embrace fosters new soul
Constant beat comforts

Soil shifts as sprouts spread
Shy birth touched by radiance
Dawn breaks on new life

Fierce spirit perched high
Reaches with tendrils of life
Caress youth with care

Orange leaves dance slowly
Caught amid fall's righteous truth
But twirl on in bliss

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  1. Oh we get two this week. :-)
    They are nice. I like the first one the best I think.