Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 10

Thoughts for this piece inspired by: The Lady of Shalott.

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A Thought About Shalott

I sit within my walls and brood,
The dark surrounds and feeds my mood,
My eyes at rest but thoughts prevail,
Each image viewed through black veil,
~~Each thought I know is Wrong.
At times I feel as the Lady Shalott,
Her life was hell, was it not?
She was cursed, and it spawns my thought,
~~Who at least will sing my Song?

The Lady knew a curse upon her lay,
Yet peaced she sat weaving each day,
She viewed the world through her large mirror,
And of the curse she had no fear,
~~But even this, it must be Wrong.
She saw the world's reflection alone,
And knew no longing till she heard a tone,
Lancelot singing along, the seeds he'd sown,
~~She found at last a true Song.

But what of me? I live as she,
I sit stagnant, unbound but not free,
While friends and family go on with life,
Some with jobs, others get wives,
~~What is it that I've done Wrong?
Am I cursed as she to live solitaire,
Or is even that curse a curse too fair?
A life as theirs cannot be so rare,
~~I simply wish to share my Song.

Though bound in string I may not be,
Nor true curse I cannot now see,
Yet my feet hold firm to this constant spot,
While they move on with nary a thought,
~~I must have done Wrong.
Soon, I know, my lure will ride by,
And along with her my dreams will fly,
A love with beauty and humor so wry,
~~She will know me and share my Song.

Until that day I still sit and ponder,
What it'd take to make me wander,
To travel out among the crowds,
And find a love that I can wow,
~~This dream cannot be Wrong.
I refuse to end as the Lady Shalott,
Alone upon her barge, begriming a rot,
I will find the love I've sought,
~~Someone to love and share my Song.

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