Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is my first draft of Masquerade written in the form of a Sestina. I'm not completely happy with the ending word "princess" I chose. Thinking of reworking those lines.


School is no place to haunt from shadows,
So instead I am cast to revealing limelight,
Playing the role of pampered princess.
Much as one would watch and listen to caged songbird,
I am displayed with delight, and joy heard as my music,
As I rejoice in the drama that is my mask.

But can one rejoice in that which is but a mask?
Can one exist in light with such a shadow?
When on display, I must silence my true music,
Each glance yet another terrible searchlight,
Digging to discover I am truly a mockingbird,
As within this molded clay I contain my own secret princess.

But who, you ask, is this secluded princess?
She is like me, for she also wears a mask,
And has similar freedom as those caged songbirds.
Contrary to I, she fights for her desecrated land, smeared in shadow,
And garbed as a warrior, she climbs for the light,
Using her strength, noble Link, and her lullaby's lifting music.

Oh, what I would give to share her melodies, her music,
But caged as I am in this masquerade of pink princess,
I continue to shade my passion from that searing light,
My salacious obsession shrouded and masked.
I fear discovery of my shameful love, cloaked in shadow,
For exposed I’ll be little more than a yard bird.

What I would give to not be this trapped bird!
To be with those listeners of Indie Music.
For my secret to be illuminated, not sealed in shadow.
I could be a whole new type of princess,
And throw on a pristine image and cast aside this misplaced mask,
And guide my illicit love into the scorching sunlight.

But for now, that dream is as distant as starlight,
A castle in the sky to cast out with the thunder birds.
My only hope is to one day find another, perhaps so masked,
And reach out to him with Saria's cheery music.
My own Link hidden in life's harsh shadow,
Ready to save the world of his beloved princess.

Until that majestic dawn whence tepid shadow shifts to warm light,
I stand resolved as both royal princess and jailed songbird,
And lilt my music, waiting behind this glass mask, anticipating more.

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