Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 18

I haven't felt very creative lately. I think this project is just gonna take longer than a year to complete, haha. But I wrote this to commemorate the lives and deaths of three kings and a queen of media that have passed on last week.

Death in Threes

They say that death shall raid in groups of threes,
And truthfully it seems to me they do,
For this past week was plagued with loss of these,
And so we mourn them all with eyes subdued.

When Ed Mcmahon was lost at eighty-six,
The world gave trembling sighs for his sad death,
For with him gone we'll miss the Carson mix,
As both the ancient stars have lost their breath.

After him, Farrah Fawcett met her end,
Fighting cancer as only angels do,
But though her fight is over she ascends,
As we recall her beautiful hair-do.

Third death to course, Michael Jackson passed on,
A man of mystery, both black and white,
And though he will never see another dawn,
It's those he touched with music that still might.

We thought the deaths were done with Pop's true King
For three is plenty, we all must agree,
But only Billy Mays, the Advert King,
Would give another ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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